My name is Maria Josep, which is catalan for Mary Jo, but you can call me Mary Jo. I'm a 27 year old computer science bachelor who currently works as a Technical Advisor, previously Trainée at Lush Cosmetics, and previously as a full time front end developer. I blog from time to time about all sorts of things, from baking to makeup to mental health issues.

I have OCD and I've been suffering with different levels of anxiety and depression for the past 11 years. This is the first time I announce this, and it feels weird, but a tad good.

The gorgeous human by my side is Eric, the person I've been sharing my life with for the past 6 years. We are lucky enough to be able to live together and share our lives with our lovely ladies, Cheddar and Gouda:

I'm an antsy girl who usually makes decisions out of anxiety and then regret them - like chopping off my hair when I get to a length I love.... always happens... always regret it... always need it XD It's a weird feeling... I would love to get rid of it.

I'm pretty restless and I get really easily bored of most things. Even though I've come to the realization about it, I struggle a lot with it.

I live in Barcelona, where I've lived all my life, so I'm used to humidity (tho I hate it and barely stand it), beaches and mountains. I hate humidity and heat, but love to be able to go to the beach any other season but summer.

Yes, I'm spamming you with Eric, because I want to, because he's helped me through more than I could ever thank him for and I love him to pieces. He bears with me, which is something I know is really hard, and loves me as I am. 

I still don't know what I want to do with my life, I always struggle with that feeling, but for now I'm doing something that makes me really happy, which is working for a brand I'm really passionate about and blogging here sometimes. Hope you enjoy my little corner!