Sunday, May 7, 2017

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I've been wanting a new shower head for about 2 years. The one we have since we moved here works, we can get showered ok, but the water flow is not good enough and it is getting destroyed. This is something I know would improve my quality of life at home, yet I haven't bought one yet, instead I have loads of other shit I've been buying since.

How is it, that if I've wanted a new shower head for 2 years, a handbag - that I don't need - seems more important or relevant than the shower head? What the fuck? I feel crap all the time for things like that. Why is it that in my brain, other things that I really don't need, but want, seem more important to something I know would be amazing...

I don't know. I'm on my period, cramping like crazy and sad. I know I'm selfish. I've been trying for a long time to correct it. I've tried so many things. Yet I find myself over and over again making selfish choices.

Do you think humans can stop being selfish?

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